Running up the stairs, lugging my bag with me, as I looked to grab a seat before the inevitable happened, I thought of the day ahead. Due to thinking too hard obviously, I tripped, stumbled over the step and onto the floor as the driver eased off the brakes and forced the bus forwards into a black hole.

I still couldn’t find the seat before the bus heavily braked. Moving towards the back of the bus, the brake screeched, leaving daunting tyre marks on the floor, I was propelled backwards as if a strong hurricane had been forced through me, wiping out my existence on the earth.

When I finally sat down, after regaining my sense of balance that had disappeared for the past fifteen minutes, I saw the whole bus turn around, concealing their laughter as Bastille rocked through my earphones.

Such was the start of my day, and what a story it is in itself.


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