Seconds To Spare

Gently, I tap my feet on the concrete floor as I leave the Underground. Walking up the stairs, the blind slowly lifting, allowing me to see the London Skyline, I feel a mystical presence about me. The streets are deserted, the only light coming from artificial lighting along the painted brick walls. Darkness surrounded us: the alleyways of London hung in silence; nobody and nothing moved; the city screenshotted, everything left in the perfect beauty of stillness.


Abruptly, I stood on the pavement. A noise. Again. And again. Then, the wail rung in my ears, awaking the whole of London: police cars bulleted forwards, exploding officers armed with AK-47s and hand grenades; no more than a minute later, light erupted into the air; people rocketed themselves onto the streets, to witness the haulage of metal flying through the electrified London air. 


Fear struck my soul; this was war…


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