Introduction to MOTD – Moment Of The Day

To lighten up this virtual piece of paper which I call a “blog” (so unique), I will be doing MOTD – Moment of The Day.

This will often include something that has made me ecstatic with joy whereas others may just be a moment in the day that has glistened among other days like a star in a murky, dark sky.

So, Reader, here is today’s entry.

As I was lugging my bag on my shoulder this morning, in the company of two friends who didn’t speak to me for the whole journey, I saw a lollipop lady as I approached the school gate. I had seen her before but today she looked lost, sad and depressed. Whenever else I saw her, she was vibrant and even then, I had never acknowledged her.

Today was a change however, as I approached her, she looked up to me, as if trying to find hope and just mere acknowledgement. She looks after so many of us every day even though we don’t realise that she is doing it.

Today, I decided to make her happy. I smiled at her, her eyes lost confusion and as I walked off, I saw a smile glisten across her face.


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