MOTD – Moment Of The Day

Christmas spirits today were in the high.

Sarcasm, Reader. Gosh.

Even though there’s not too long to Christmas, some people STILL haven’t managed to find the joys of the festive season. Interestingly, I tried to raise the spirits of one of my fellow classmates by playing Christmas music on YouTube, but he, and the rest of my economics class, sat anxiously and depressed.
It seemed like the only thing that could revive them was the sound of the bell as it rung throughout the classroom, penetrating our ears as we immediately attempted to evacuate the room.
The bell had stopped and the classroom was empty, nothing left inside.

Have you tried to make someone happier or tried to raise the spirits of someone what has been reluctant to enjoy themselves?
Comment below with your experiences; I’m looking forward to hearing them!


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