MOTD – The Extent of Beliebers

Today seemed like a goodish day. But then again, any day before we break up for Half Term is good. Today’s events consisted of witty banter, jokes and lessons.

But, Reader, the moment that stood out was definitely when I was on my way home from school and a man, fully adult – wide spread eyes, black matte hair and a suit made of the most beautiful rich grey ever – took his earphones out, and started playing his music out loud, on a fully packed bus.

Now, I don’t mind a bit of loud music (although I do prefer it in private or when I’m NOT surrounded by lots of people), but, in my opinion, playing Justin Bieber on a bus full of teenagers, mainly boys, was not the best decision he could have made at that point.

Even though he didn’t seem bothered at first, he ended up changing the track once a multitude of secondary school children, turned around, sneering at him. I think that’s what affected him the most.

Anyways, enough of me, what about you? Comment/ Ping back with your interesting encounters of the day!


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