Behind The Scenes – What is writingequalspassion?

Welcome Guys!

What better way to make you read on than SLAP! BANG! CRASH!

Now that I’ve let that out, I thinks it’s necessary to show why I made this blog. A simple reason surrounds this: writing equals passion. I have loved writing from a really young age and there’s no better way to put this into practice than start a writing blog. Writing from a really young age included writing unsophisticated stories (which seemed professional at the time) mostly starting off with the classic “Once upon a time” or “On bright morning day”,

Now, if you see my pieces of work, they will hopefully appear more professional and developed than my primary school stories of the week.

There’s nothing else behind the history of this blog. As a keen A-Level student, I am currently doing a qualification in creative writing; the various pieces of work I do for the course will all be showcased on here along with articles I write for a local newspaper.

Finally, if there is a special segment you want me to do then PLEASE contact me. I will aim to do whatever possible in the form of a poem, story or even a newspaper article.

Here’s a small gift for the long path you will hopefully take to the posts on my blog:

The cold, damp winter evening heaved a heavy sigh around me, as i walked up the narrow country path, searching for a way out of this maze. I had to face facts: I was lost. Left: darkness. Right: darkness. Gently swaying to the wind, trees and bushes exhaled a deep breath as they moved backwards and forwards. Obstructing my view at every single place, I was left only in a pool of myself; nothing more and nothing less.

Hope you have fun!

Thank you very much.



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